Facebook will not ban reflex syllabus, Kovid Lab leak theory

Washington: Facebook has reversed its policy banning posts, stating that the Kovid-19 was man-made, following a renewed debate over the origin of the virus that first emerged in China.
Facebook’s latest move was announced late Wednesday on its website, which highlighted the challenge of preventing misinformation and misinformation on the world’s largest social network.
“With the ongoing investigation into the origins of Covid-19 and in consultation with public health experts, we will no longer remove claims that COVID-19 is man-made or created from our app,” the statement said.
“We are continuing to work with health experts to keep pace with the evolving nature of the pandemic and regularly update our policies as new facts and trends emerge.”
The new statement updates Facebook’s guidance in February when it said it would remove false or debunked claims about the novel coronavirus, which has killed more than three million people in the global pandemic.
The move prompted US intelligence agencies to investigate competing theories following President Joe Biden’s directive of how the virus first emerged – through animal exposure in a market in Wuhan, China, or a research laboratory in the same city Through accidental release from.
Biden’s order indicates an escalation in the growing controversy over the origin of the virus.
Facebook’s actions affect content posted by the roughly 3.45 billion active users of its applications, which include its main social networks, Instagram, WhatsApp and Messenger.
Facebook has relied largely on independent fact-checking groups, which until now had widely rejected the theory of a lab release.
One of these groups, PolitiFact, reported last September that public health officials “repeatedly stated that the coronavirus did not originate from a laboratory” but revised its guidance earlier this month, stating that “it The claim is now more widely disputed, ”it said, to review the ongoing case.
Facebook said in a separate statement that it is furthering its efforts to curb misinformation by limiting the reach of users who repeatedly share false content.
Until now, Facebook only took this action on individual posts, but will now crack down on users who are the biggest broadcasters of false content.

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